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Golden Age

Made with raw honey from Tomball, water, and yeast, this is our version of mankind’s oldest alcoholic beverage. Enjoy this full-bodied and no-frills mead chilled or at room temperature. 12.5% ALC/VOL

Eve’s Apple Cyser

Eve’s Apple Cyser is one of the drier meads on our list. While it is dry, the crisp notes of apple and the full bodied flavor are impossible not to enjoy. 11% ALC/VOL

The Honeymoon

This time-honored mead is sweeter than our traditional dry mead, as not all the of the sugars have been fermented out. This semi-dry mead is best served at room temperature or chilled. 12.5% ALC/VOL

The Honeymoon Lot #3

Our traditional semi-sweet mead, oak-aged to perfection! A heartier and more complex version of The Honeymoon. 12.5% ALC/VOL

The Honeymoon Lot #4

A fun spin on our classic traditional mead. This semi-sweet mead is made with orange blossom honey, giving it citrus and floral notes. 12.5% ALC/VOL

The Poet

Our tart cranberry melomel is one of Thirsty’s Bee’s bestsellers. Be careful consuming- the bottle will be empty before you know it! We recommend chilling this mead before serving. 10.9% ALC/VOL

Thirsty Cowboy

Our Prickly pear melomel adds a touch of light sweetness to any meal. It pairs perfectly with spicy pasta or fresh cheeses. 14.2 % ALC/VOL

Cowboy Margarita

Our prickly pear margarita melomel ads a unique flavor to any meal. The tartness of the limes is perfectly balanced with the sweeter notes of prickly pear. 14.2% ALC/VOL

Three Goddesses

This sweet cyser is the perfect addition to your favorite dessert. The lovely apple notes are sweet, delicate, and go down smooth. 12.3% ALC/VOL

Cherry Nymph

Cherry Nymph is a sweet, bright, and bold melomel. This fruity melomel pairs deliciously with your favorite snack or by itself! 13.5 % ALC/VOL

Bacchus Bees

The strong flavor of red grapes and the sweetness of wildflower honey makes this robust pyment irresistible! 15.6% ALC/VOL

Titan’s Blood

Our blackberry lemon melomel is the perfect marriage of sweet and tart. This melomel is fruity, refreshing, and serves as a great addition to any light meal or refreshments. 14.2% ALC/VOL

Hawaiian Siren

Hawaiian Siren is a delightful blend of honey wine, sweet hibiscus flowers, and tart limes. Serve Hawaiian Siren chilled, and pair with your favorite spicy dish 12.5% ALC/VOL


Rauchmead is our Texas twist on a traditional Bouchet. Made with smoked wildflower honey, this mead is smooth and rich. Pair with smoked meats and cheeses. 11.2% ALC/VOL

Cypress Tea

This refreshing raspberry tea metheglin is perfect for sunny summer days. 12.5% ALC/VOL

St. Valentine’s

This semi-dry mead is flavored with aromatic rose petals and aged with oak. 12.5% ALC/VOL

Draft Mead

Our Draft Mead is refreshing on a hot day and won’t leave you feeling weighed down after a glass or two.

The OGTraditional7.9
BoozeberryBlueberry Melomel7.1
White PawStrawberry & Peach Melomel7.5
Jam SessionBlackberry Melomel7.1
Sun GodMango Melomel7.1
Mr. WheatHopped Buckwheat Metheglin7.1
Rosemary’s LemonMetheglin7.9
Sweet Cherry O’ MineCherry Melomel7.1
Tomball TeaBlack Tea Metheglin7.9

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