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Traditional Meads

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Traditional Dry Mead

Made with raw honey from Tomball, water, and yeast, this is our version of mankind’s oldest alcoholic beverage.  Named after a spirit that once resided in our meadery who currently visits several buildings on Commerce St., the Travis is our flagship traditional mead.  12% ABV.

Harvesting Honey

More Coming Soon

We’ll continue to expand our offerings, so check back for our new and seasonal meads.

Draft Meads

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OG Draft Mead

A lower-alcohol, easy to drink version of our Travis Dry Mead.  Our unfiltered draft mead is approximately 7% ABV, with a crisp honey flavor.  Local mead, made with local honey.

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Mr. Wheat

Made with robust Buckwheat Honey and Saaz Hops, this is our version of a “dark beer” mead.  At 5% ABV with great hop aroma and flavor, this easy-drinking mead is as laid back as Mr. Wheat himself.

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White Paw

If you like flavored, bubbly drinks, the White Paw is for you.  We started with our Relic Draft Mead and added strawberries and peaches to the fermenter.  Slightly carbonated, mildly sweet, and great honey and fruit flavor.  Beware the White Paw.  7% ABV.

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